CQC Statement of Purpose

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a high standard of Evidence Based medical care.
  • Be committed to our patients needs.
  • Act with integrity and complete confidentiality.
  • Create a strong partnership and better communication between patients and health professionals which ensures mutual respect and continuous learning and development.
  • To recruit and develop a highly motivated and appropriately skilled workforce in relation to the needs of the population.
  • To improve Clinical Governance and Evidenced Based Practice, by continuous monitoring and audit.
  • Manage and reduce organisational and clinical risk through effective management and governance systems and continual review.
  • To monitor and optimise performance against key targets and core standards.
  • To continuously maintain and develop practice premises in response.
  • To ensure a robust Information Technology strategy to support the business of Park House Surgery.

Our purpose is to provide all patients registered with the practice with personal health care of high evidenced based quality and to seek continuous health improvement for the practice population overall.

We aim to achieve this by maintaining and developing a practice which is responsive to people’s needs and expectations and which reflects where possible latest evidenced based practice in Primary Care.